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Phone: (888) 978-5825
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Get A Lower Interest Rate in Saskatoon, SK

Low Interest Auto Financing

O'Brians By CAA can help pay off unwanted credit card loans, cell bills, government debt and more. Interest rates have fallen to record lows over the last 12 months allowing O'Brians By CAA to provide lower interest rates than what were previously available, while lowering your car payment. O'Brians Sales and Finance Center not only provides customers with an average 3.3% interest rate reduction, but our customers also enjoy saving over $59/month on their car payment.

No matter what your need, we will assist you in finding the best rate, term and payment for refinancing your auto loan. Take advantage of our endorsement offering up to 90 days until your next payment, and use that savings toward other expenses.

O'Brians Sales and Finance Centers only partner with the most reputable lenders in the market. All our auto refinance loans are simple interest loans, allowing you the opportunity to pay your car note off early without penalty. The process only takes a few minutes and could save you thousands in unnecessary finance charges.

Complete an application online or call one of our friendly loan specialists toll free at 888-978-5825, and let us take care of the rest.

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