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Phone: (888) 978-5825
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We will help get you a car even with the following on your credit history:

• BANKRUPTCY - A failure to pay your bills where you then must go to a court of law and the courts divide all your assets among your creditors.
• DIVORCE - You and your spouse no longer want to be together where generally joint bills stop being paid.
• LOWERING MONTHLY PAYMENTS - If you currently have a high payment auto loan we can lower it.
• COLLECTIONS - You did not pay one of your creditors and they sent it to an agency to collect there money back.
• WRITTEN OFF CREDIT - You stopped paying for a piece of credit and the bank does not believe they will get there money back.
• LOW BEACON SCORE - Your credit score is below average.
• REPOSSESSIONS - You stopped paying for something you purchased and the back took the property back.
• JUDGEMENTS - You were sued in a court of law and lost your case and need to pay the person/company back that sued you.
• FAMILY MAINTENANCE - Money that you owe for a child and/or spouse.
• INSURANCE PAYMENTS - Cut you a check to pay for your vehicle insurance.
• LEASE SELLOFFS - Refinancing your current lease into a purchase loan.
• HIGH DEBT SERVICE RATIO - You currently owe more to payments then you currently make.
• TOO MUCH OWING ON TRADE - You owe more then what your current vehicle is worth.
• EMPLOYMENT STABILITY - An established length of time on your job.
• YOUNG BUYERS - Someone under the age of twenty five with minimum credit experience.
• 9 SIN NUMBERS - A currently non landed imigrant who is currently working in Canada with a work visa.
• PREVIOUS DECLINES - Someone who has previously been declined for credit.
• OVER BALANCES - You owe more money to your creditor then your available balance.
• FORECLOSURE - You have stopped paying your mortgage and the bank takes your house back.